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Lauren Conrad, She did it! She engaged William Tell!

Lauren Conrad, She did it! She engaged William Tell

Lauren Conrad engaged

Lauren Conrad has announced she is engaged to William Tell.
The 27-year-old former reality TV star is "beyond thrilled" after the 33-year-old rocker turned law student proposed to her over the weekend.

The blonde beauty also shared a picture of her classic diamond engagement ring, and later added: "William and I are overwhelmed by all of your warm wishes. Thank you so much for sharing in this special moment."

“I am very excited to share with you guys that William and I got engaged over the weekend. I am beyond thrilled!,” Conrad wrote on her blog along with a pic of her classic solitaire diamond ring.

Conrad and Wahler on-again-off-again relationship began when both were starring on Laguna Beach in 2005. The two split up in August 2005, then reconciled and split again in August 2006.

In 2007, Wahler's bad boys ways caught up with him. The reality star checked into the Chapman House for treatment for his drinking, which had resulted in several arrests due to disorderly conduct and assault.

Three years later, Wahler signed up for VH1's Celebrity Rehab for a 21-day detox treatment.
Lauren Conrad ring
However, Wahler isn't the only one of Conrad's former co-stars/exes to head off to the altar.

Recently, Hills star Doug Reinhardt got engaged to Allie Lutz while the two were vacationing in St. Barts in January.

The 27-year-old reality TV star and fashion designer posted a photo of her engagement ring on her blog and wrote that she was "beyond thrilled."

Conrad's dating life was famously chronicled on the MTV reality series "Laguna Beach" and then its spin-off "The Hills."

After leaving "The Hills" in 2009, Conrad launched a series of young adult novels based on her life in Los Angeles.

Hot Bull DeMarco Murray Injured a few hours ago

Hot Bull DeMarco Murray Injured a few hours ago

DeMarco Murray (born February 12, 1988) is an American football running back for the Dallas Cowboys. He played college football for the Oklahoma Sooners.

DeMarco Murray amassed 50 yards from scrimmage before his injury in the second quarter, and he also had a rushing touchdown. Murray is pretty important to the Cowboys offense, because he is a solid feature back who gives the offense some much-needed balance. There’s also a clear downgrade between Murray and the backups, so we can only hope that Murray’s injury isn’t too bad.

The third-year running back has a history with injuries, appearing in 13 games as a rookie and just 10 last year after spraining his foot in October. Murray has been one of the NFC's top running backs thus far in 2013; he entered the game with 399 rushing yards and two scores, including a monster performance in Week 3 against the Rams that put him in the running for Player of the Week honors.

After all, it isn’t uncommon, depending on the severity, for a player to miss four to six weeks after incurring the type of injury Murray suffered Sunday.

With Murray out, the Cowboys resorted to using rookie Joseph Randle, who never carried the ball before Sunday. Randle scored a touchdown that sealed the victory, but he gained only 17 yards on 11 attempts.

“There is a falloff there,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones acknowledged. “Any time another player comes out and doesn’t come back in, you’re concerned. We’re obviously playing well with him [Murray].”

But the Cowboys have been down this road before. This predicament was one they’ve faced far too frequently in recent seasons as their running game was missing its leading man. Murray was out after carrying the ball seven times for 29 yards and a touchdown. His absence cast a dark shadow over a Cowboys victory that had plenty of bright moments — from defensive end Kyle Wilber causing a momentum-swinging fumble to Dwayne Harris returning punt 86 yards for a touchdown.

“Any time a player comes out of the game and can’t go back in, you’re concerned,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “We’re playing well with him. There’s a fall-off there, but I also thought it was nice for Randle to get in there and get his feet wet. I think it’s only going to get better for him.”

Rookie Joseph Randle had 11 carries for 17 yards, including a 1-yard touchdown run, and caught two passes for 15 yards in relief of Murray.

The Cowboys might also get second-year running back Lance Dunbar back soon from a foot injury.

“We’ll get Dunbar back, and Murray back, and get back to full speed there at running back,” Jones said. “But obviously, I think Tanner and Randle, if he can’t go, will do a good job for us.”

Bow Wow Catfish? Does Bow Wow love Catfish?

Bow Wow Catfish? Does Bow Wow love Catfish?

Bow Wow Catfish

Catfish: The TV Show has built its reputation on twisted tales of love, friendship, and the Internet, some crazier than others. Hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph travel the country to connect two people who have a relationship — but have never met in person. This week’s episode features Keyonnah, a young woman, who believes she has been in contact with 106 & Park host and rapper Bow Wow. (Yup, that Bow Wow.) They met when the 19-year-old single mom messaged a Bow Wow fan page on Facebook. Now, they text and talk on the phone, even discussing starting a life together with their children. “Bow Wow” has even sent her over $10,000 throughout the months of their correspondence.  A love story this bizarre must be true…right?

Let’s go with Keyonnah being that delusional, at least for the sake of evaluating what the show was trying to do (as we’ve done all season despite skepticism of its honesty). Essentially, she has no proof besides $10,000 that Bow Wow (technically his assistant, “Larry Brown”) wired her. All throughout the episode, Nev particularly is sold on this money as proof. To that I say: Y’all know non-famous folks got money, too, right? It’s not $100K or something even crazier, that only a one-percenter would have. The rest of Keyonnah’s “proof” is as follows: She messaged this Facebook fan page thinking it was Bow Wow officially. She got a response back immediately wanting her number, and soon they bonded over their young daughters. They do not Skype because of bad connections on Bow Wow’s end, but it doesn’t matter 'cause this is Bow Wow, man. “People [at school] used to get so mad at me 'cause he was all I talked about,” she explains. “Bow Wow this, Bow Wow that.”

The red flags continue: The page Keyonnah met him through has been deleted, and his phone number is registered to a woman named Renee, who lives about an hour and a half away from Keyonnah in central North Carolina. They also read an interview with Bow Wow in which he praises Skype for keeping him connected with his young daughter. Nev and Max make the most posed phone call all season, to a media relations exec at MTV who just so happens to know the name of Bow Wow’s assistant off the top of her head. It’s Ant, in case you were wondering, not Larry Brown. Then “Bow Wow” picks a fight with Nev on text and says he has no time to meet Keyonnah, only to change his mind the next morning. So! They drive ten hours to Atlanta and roll up only to find out that Bow Wow is a butch chick named Dee. Keyonnah is on the brink of cussing her out, but Dee is super relaxed. She doesn’t understand why Keyonnah would be disappointed — she’s fly, she nearly passes for a dude, and she gave her $10K.

We’ll, at this point Keyonnah is straight done. No Bow Wow, but a lesbian with a lambskin dildo that she was gonna use to turn Keyonnah out. Lord have mercy! :)   Now, knowing that this poor young woman suffered that kind of indignity, you would think that Bow Wow’s response would have a bit more compassion to it.
Nope, in the video response that BET issued, a self-centered Bow Wow comes off showing no concern for the young lady who was duped all because she was so infatuated with him.
“The new thing is this “catfish” situation. Let’s talk about how somebody is actually impersonating me. Now, first of all that’s a hard thing to do. Just look at me, you can’t impersonate this. These eyes, these ain’t contacts. You can’t buy these and put these in your eyes to think that you’re Bow Wow. These tattoos on my body, these is permanent. You can’t draw these on. It’s only one. It can only be one, not two but one. And that’s me. So how do I feel about being “Catfished?” Well, I feel honored. It’s dope and it’s flattering when someone wants to be you. And not only do they want to be you. In their mind, they are you. That’s crazy. But I like it. It’s free promo for myself, for BET, for ’106 & Park’.”
Afterwards Boweezy invited both Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin to meet him on his show “106 & Park.”
“But we gon’ do it on my time though, on our network though and on our show. I mean ya’ll did take all our pictures from our show and used them. You want to holla at Bow Weezy, come to 106. “Catfish,” it is what it is.”

At Michigan High School Hailie Jade become Homecoming Queen

At Michigan High School Hailie Jade become Homecoming Queen

Hailie Jade

At Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township, Michigan on Friday, the real homecoming queen stood up.

And it was Hailie Scott!

Yes, the 17-year old daughter of Eminem - who was name-dropped multiple times in many of the rapper's early hits - received this honor from her classmates while her dad watched from afar, holed up inside a school building in order to avoid making a scene.

The newspaper said the famous rapper stayed out of the public view Friday night to allow his daughter a little time in the spotlight.

Hailie, a senior, was voted homecoming queen by the student body and faculty, while Tyler Knepp was named homecoming king.

"Hailie came out with her mother Kim [Scott] when she was introduced with all the other kids but her father watched from inside the school because he didn't want to cause a scene -- he wanted Hailie to have her own moment," one parent who asked not to be identified told the newspaper.

She was immortalized in a song when she was just a baby, and now Eminem's daughter, Hailie, is famous at her high school.

The rapper's daughter was crowned homecoming queen of Chippewa Valley High School on Friday during a football game in Clinton Township, Mich., the Macomb Daily reports.

Students and faculty chose the 17-year-old – who's described by those who know her as a "smart, athletic and caring young woman" – as their queen after a vote.

The teen's dad, Eminem, 40, (aka Marshall Mathers III), watched the coronation from a classroom at the school so as not to take the attention away from his daughter.

"Hailie came out with her mother Kim [Scott] when she was introduced with all the other kids but her father watched from inside the school because he didn't want to cause a scene – he wanted Hailie to have her own moment," one parent, who asked not to be identified, tells the paper.

"He opened the door and looked out like – 'That's my daughter!' He just looked like a proud father," the parent added.

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Really Divorce?

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Really Divorce?

Kris Jenner

After news of his divorce from Bruce Jenner, Kris Jenner apparently busied himself with a model of a magazine. 57-year-old woman claimed to want to still look sexy and charming during his life. So he did not waste the opportunity that comes when New You magazine offered a magazine cover for this month's issue.

Jenner was born in San Diego, California. She is the daughter of Mary Jo Shannon (née Campbell) and Robert Houghton, an engineer. She has English, Scottish, and Dutch ancestry. When Jenner was seven years old, her parents divorced and she and her younger sister Karen were raised solely by their mother.Jenner attended Clairemont High School.

Kristen Mary "Kris" Jenner (née Houghton, previously Kardashian; born November 5, 1955) is an American television personality, socialite, television producer and businesswoman. In her television ventures, Jenner has appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Khloé & Lamar, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Good Morning America, The Talk and America's Next Top Model. Divorced from lawyer Robert Kardashian, she has been married to 1976 Summer Olympic Games Decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner since 1991. She has four children with Robert (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr.) and two with Bruce (Kendall and Kylie). As of 2011, Jenner's net worth is estimated at $20 million. Kristen Mary Houghton was born in San Diego, California. She is the second daughter of Mary Jo Shannon and engineer Robert Houghton. Her mother was of Scottish ancestry, while her father was Dutch. When Jenner was seven years old, her parents divorced and she and her older sister Karen were raised solely by their mother. Jenner attended Clairemont High School. Kris married first husband, lawyer Robert Kardashian (widely known for his early representation of O.J. Simpson) on July 8,

The Jenners are one big, happy separated family -- and Kris Jenner went out of her way to prove it by taking family pics at home Thursday night.

Bruce Jenner, along with his sons Brandon and Brody, grinned and posed for a pic with Kris -- which she promptly posted on Instagram with the caption, "Another amazing night."

Momager Kris made no bones about it ... the warm and fuzzy moment was engineered as a response to TMZ.

She concluded her Instagram post with a hashtag that read, "SorryTMZ got it wrong AGAIN."

Sorry Kris, you know we got it right.

As we reported, sources connected to the family say Brody and Brandon have been reconnecting with their father since he separated from Kris and moved to Malibu. We're also told the boys partially blamed Kris for the fact Bruce neglected them for most of the last 20 years.

In fact, things were so bad, Bruce often would not even call the boys on their birthdays.

Kris' IG caption continued, "Too fun I love you guys!!! Best hearts."

Brody also posted a pic. Eat your heart out Norman Rockwell.

After 22 years of marriage and countless rumors of a split, Kris and Bruce Jenner have called it quits. The couple confirmed that development to E! News following months of speculation that a spin-off was inevitable.

“We are living separately and we are much happier this way,” the reality TV power pair confirmed to the tabloid news station. “But we will always have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.”

In a sexy picture, Kris wore black frocks. Stella McCartney designs clothes but this seems more women than expose body parts covered. Although long-sleeved and covered ankles, front side and the back is made of lace fabric body shows Kris. With sitting pose, holding his legs, he smiles at the camera. With the press body armor, body shape Kris looks very sexy.

Even to suggest that he is still worthy to be called a young celebrity, Kim Kardashian's mother asks her grandchildren to call her as 'lovely' rather than 'grandma' at home. Because Kris did not like being called grandma or grandmother. Call him it makes it look old and wrinkled.

In the sidelines of the interview, Kris said he was very sorry that he had separated from her first husband, Robert Kardashian. From the results of his first marriage, Kris had four children, they are Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian. Kris and Robert were married in 1978 and ended in 1991.

Great Lakes Loans can students help or no?

Great Lakes Loans can students help or no?

Great Lakes Loans

Since 1967, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation has been helping students and their families secure the funding they need to complete a post-secondary education. Great Lakes and its affiliates work hard to match eligible borrowers with lenders who can provide the loans they need to cover the ever rising costs of college tuition.

Great Lakes borrower services offer a loan program to students so that they can go to college/university and gain a qualification. They offer a range of repayment options to suit individual needs. The phone number for Great Lakes loan services is (800) 236-4300.

When you are in college you do not worry about other things because the only thing that is going on in your mind is to complete your studies properly. You want an uninterrupted studying environment. So, when obtaining student loans is the only choice left, you take the minimum amount that can help you accomplish your career dreams. The high costs of education has left many students take up more than one or two loans so that they could cover all their expenses. Great lakes student loans consolidation programs are designed to help students pay off their student loans without financial burden.
Opting for student loan consolidation is an intelligent move and helps the student progress in the right direction. Once you get your student loans consolidated you have a new and comfortable repayment plan for the rest of the period within which you have to complete the repayments. These are calculated and designed by the lender keeping in mind your income and expenditure. But then, you should maintain the discipline after this move and repay your loan without fail. This is also very important and will save you from any kind of defaults and will have no effect on your credit report as well.

Great Lakes Student Loan Consolidation
Great Lakes is a student loan guarantor agency that manages funding options for students throughout America. It offers private and federal loans and account management and students all over the country get in touch with consultants at Great Lakes if they find themselves caught up in a vicious circle of debt. One of the unique features of Great Lakes is their student loan consolidation program: it offers students the chance to not only get rid of complicated loan schedules, but also often allows them to obtain a reduction in the amount of each monthly payment.

Great Lakes student loan consolidation is also one of the common ways of getting those students out of trouble who have defaulted on their loans. The process of consolidation ensures that all the previous loans of the applicant are paid off by Great Lakes and that the new loan offered to the borrower is made by Great Lakes; therefore, the process relieves the applicant from defaulting. Depending on the loan consolidation application, Great Lakes may also allow the applicant to pay back over a broader time period, leading to a reduction in the amount of payment to be made every month.

Benefits of Great Lakes Student Loan Consolidation
Great Lakes is a specialized agent firm that discusses the scenario with the client and informs him/her of all the possible results of the consolidation. It strives to get them the best deal by offering them the lowest possible interest payment plan, which they can willingly continue to pay back. Furthermore, students who have recently graduated are given a grace period of six months before they are asked to make the repayments for the loan consolidation, giving them the time to find a job, start earning and to start making payments.

Student Loan Services
Great Lakes Education Loan Services acts as the full service contact between student borrowers and their primary lenders. Whether the lending agent is the Federal government, a state government, or a private lender, Great Lakes works directly with student borrowers to manage all aspects of their loan. Through their Great Lakes account, students can view current information about their loan, view all repayment options, monitor their outstanding balance, and make regular payments. Great Lakes also works with students to calculate the total cost of their loans, so that they fully understand their responsibilities as borrowers.
In addition to helping borrowers manage their outstanding college loans, Great Lakes also offers a wide range of financial services designed to educate students on the best ways to manage their finances while in school, and following graduation. They provide detailed information on available repayment options, including loan deferments and loan consolidation, as well as advising student borrowers on what options they have should they encounter a financial emergency that threatens to derail their loan repayment progress.

青木万利子 or Mariko Aoki Phenomenon so strange

青木万利子 or Mariko Aoki Phenomenon so strange

The term receives its name from Mariko Aoki, an otherwise little-known Japanese woman who contributed an essay in 1985 to the magazineHon no Zasshi (ja) (which means “Book Magazine”). In that essay, she related how she came to the realization that for some years, walking around a bookstore inevitably made her want to go to the restroom. The editors of the magazine received reports of other readers who had similar experiences, and named it the “Mariko Aoki phenomenon”. The naming of the phenomenon has brought about repercussions in Japan.

There is little evidence of this phenomenon per se being known outside Japan, though whether or not the effect exists elsewhere has not been explored. (e.g. L. Ulin 2010).

Some people believe certain chemicals in paper or ink have a laxative effect. Others suppose the posture of browsing makes bowel movement easier. For both explanations the evidence remains weak.

I’ve never relented, however. I knew I wasn’t the only one to have this feeling, this urge. How could I be? There is no way that I am the only person in our known universe to have to pinch some hot loafs while perusing paperbacks. I knew this had to be a common occurrence. And yesterday I was made aware of this. My Japanese savior, Mariko Aoki.

In 1985 Mariko Aoki contributed an essay to the publication Han no Zasshi (or as Americans would say: Book Magazine). In her essay, she made the observation that browsing through bookstores made her need to read the restroom. I can just imagine a Japanese woman, sitting down to her electric typewriter, ready to type up a short piece about dropping bombs in her local bookery.

Who would have thought!? A Japanese woman in the eighties making a public proclamation about shitting up bookstores. I guess it’s no surprise though. Those Japanese are into some weird stuff.

Some seem to think there could be a laxative effect caused by the chemicals in the ink on the paper. Others seem to think that the posture of browsing may cause the flow to get going. Likely it is myriad factors, depending on the person. However, the evidence for this phenomenon remains weak.

We here at TheBrabble take pooping and other butt-related matters very seriously. I pledge our commitment to determine the authenticity of the Mariko Aoki Phenomenon in the future. We believe the day will come when public policy will catch up with this physical and mental wonder and demand clean public restroom reform for all and give this Japanese woman the eternal and international praise she deserves: her name relating to a very specific kind of dump.

Hargreaves Lansdown, High Demand from Investor When Royal Mail FAIL as web brokerage

High Demand from Investor When Royal Mail FAIL as web brokerage Hargreaves Lansdown


Peter Hargreaves

Online share brokerage Hargreaves Lansdown is still struggling to cope with the massive spike in Royal Mail share dealing that brought down its trading portal this morning.

The company's Oracle-based infrastructure collapsed 45 minutes after trading began at 8am today, Tom McPhail, a spokesman at HL confirmed to El Reg.

"Demand went off the scale," he said, "10 million shares traded in the first 30 seconds and 35 million in the first five minutes".

HL is one of the lead brokers dealing with the Royal Mail's flotation frenzy. "The situation is changing minute by minute, we have intermittent outages on the website," he added.

This is despite an infrastructure refresh in the summer when brought HL in a load of Oracle Sparc M5-32 servers "equipped with Oracle Solaris", the PR man said, reaching the edge of his techie knowledge.

‘The FCA’s review could show us if that is fair and transparent and whether the end customer is being treated fairly.’

'End clients need to understand how much those fees are affecting their performance and the total cost of them. When the penny drops around the country about how much these investments are costing, we’ll know what is transparent and what is not.'

In response to the comments, Hargreaves Lansdown’s head of financial planning Danny Cox (pictured) said he also backs the review, describing it as positive for consumer protection.

"We have processed many thousands of trades on behalf ofour clients, and continue to do so, but some clients will have had difficulty getting through on the telephone and experienced intermittent website issues.

"We have six times the normal number of dealing staff working today, and continue to work hard to deal with the demand.

"We will keep working flat out until our normal fluent service is restored. We’d like to apologise to our clients for any issues they have experienced this morning."

Some have said the Government undervalued Royal Mail at 330p per share, a total company valuation of £3.3 billion.

Senators VS Tomas Hertl? Hot Game on NHL

Senators VS Tomas Hertl? Hot Game on NHL

Tomas Hertl

23rd NHL season just in progress. Many hockey stars join in this NHL season.
Sharks rookie Tomas Hertl left Saturday night's game against the Ottawa Senators with about three minutes remaining in the second period after colliding with forward Clarke MacArthur in the slot in front of the visiting team's net.

Rookie Tomas Hertl scored his league-leading seventh goal before leaving with an injury and Brent Burns got the tiebreaker in the third period to lead the Sharks to their fifth straight win to open the season, 3-2 over the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night.

Hertl was cutting toward the slot with the puck when he appeared to lose his balance and fell awkwardly into MacArthur.

The 19-year-old forward from the Czech Republic scored his NHL-leading seventh goal of the season 55 seconds into the game.

"He fell into a player," the coach said. "Basically he was going to the net, stumbled and fell into him. He's a little bit sore but I think he'll be fine tomorrow."
Later, I asked McLellan if it was fair to say the area of concern was the shoulder, not the head.

"Yeah that would be fair," he said.

Really, there was nothing to dislike. Hertl seems like a nice kid who came seemingly out of nowhere to do something special -- nobody that young had a four-goal game since 1988. His mom and his girlfriend were watching in the stands; they cried. The hockey portion of Twitter melted down -- as much it could for midnight-ish on the East Coast, at least. It was special.

It was also tough to watch, because if there's anything you learn from watching young guys have fun on a hockey rink, backlash will follow. And it did -- most loudly via Washington Capitals coach Adam Oates on Thursday.

Goalie Jimmy Howard told Ted Kulfan of The Detroit News it was easier working between the pipes last spring in Game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks than watching the Tigers.

"When you're out there, not much is going through your mind," Howard said. "Speaking for myself, when I'm out there I just play and whatever happens, happens.

"I don't know what mind-frame they took into the game, but I'm sure they weren't thinking anything other than going out and playing baseball."